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Home Inspections

These are the key items that are inspected in your home

Structural Integrity
An inspector will be looking for cracks in the concrete. The basement and main floor will be inspected for
Condition of Roof/Attic
An inspection will reveal the life expectancy of the roof as well as any leaks. Some attics may have insulation problems which causes moisture accumulation. Eaves troughs must have clear drainage.
Condition of Electrical/Plumbing
The wiring will be checked for safety so it is not a fire hazard. Insurance companies require a minimum 100 amp service. The plumbing will be checked for adequate water pressure as well as age and condition of lines. Furnace and fire place(s) should be in good working order.
Condition of Basement
The home inspector will be checking for leaks, cracks and sloping. Any repairs should be done by a professional contractor.
Condition of Windows/Doors
The windows and doors will be inspected for moisture problems. Replace any cracked window panes.

Marketability of Your Home
The Marketability Test is an evaluation of improvements on properties types. This evaluation is on any extras over and above a specified set of points allotted to that particular property type.

Your Homes Value
Knowing the value of your home or property is essential if you are thinking about selling.


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