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Real Estate Sellers Resources
Have you been thinking about selling your home? Perhaps you require a larger home, are downsizing or maybe you are transferred. Whatever your circumstances, making a real estate move should not create stress or anxiety. That is why the more information you have, the easier the process will be. The following information is designed to help you in the home selling process.

What is the First step?
Find out the value of your home
Find out the value of the home you wish to purchase
You are moving up
You are downsizing
You are transferred
Is there a pre-payment penalty on my mortgage?

Should I sell First or Buy First?
Buy First
I make an Outright Purchase
I buy Subject to the Sale if my Home.
Sell First
Which Real Estate move benefits me the most?

What Criteria is used to evaluate my Real Estate Property?
Most Recent Sales
Two Important influences

What Criteria is used for real estate value on my future home?

How do I price my existing home?
Find out the condition of the current real estate market Sellers real estate market
Stable real estate market
Buyers real estate market

Types of Real Estate Agency Contracts
Exclusive Listing
Multiple Listing
Open (General) Listing

What is in the Real Estate Agency Contracts?
Terms and ConditionsInclusions and exclusions
Other terms and Conditions
Real Estate Commission
Higher commission vs. Lower commission
When is Commission Payable?

Your Relationship with a Realtor
What can you Expect from your Realtor?
Can a Realtor represent both Buyer and Seller?
If the Realtor doesn’t Represent You
Your Privacy
How is my personal information collected?
To whom may my personal information be disclosed?
Why is my personal information collected, used and disclosed?
Will my personal information be used for other purposes?
Your Responsibilities as a Buyer

Dealing with Real Estate Offers
Counter Offer
Multiple Offers
Can my Lawyer advise me?
How much time do I allow for conditions on an accepted offer?
How to get the most from a Real Estate offer

Home Inspections
Structural Integrity
Condition of Roof/Attic
Condition of Electrical/Plumbing
Condition of Windows/Doors

What if My Home does not sell?

Marketing Your Home
Preparing your Home for Showing
General Maintenance
Curb Appeal
Spic and Span
The Spacious Look
The First Impression
The Buying Atmosphere

Moving Checklist

Marketability of Your Home
The Marketability Test is an evaluation of improvements on properties types. This evaluation is on any extras over and above a specified set of points allotted to that particular property type.

Your Homes Value
Knowing the value of your home or property is essential if you are thinking about selling.


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